Small Great Events

In December, Smedley Events launched the Small Great Event Series. This unique series of events was created with the purpose of bringing people together through highly personalized experiences. Each event is thoughtfully designed and kept small to provide deeper meaning for guests while fostering memorable connections and self-discovery. 

For the first Small Great Event we partnered with the Denver Glass Academy for a two-hour private glass blowing class where attendees learned the basic techniques and fundamentals of gathering molten glass in a torch, shaping the glass, and blowing it into desired shapes. Each attendee was able to create two hand crafted glass pieces that were turned into holiday ornaments. 

“I’ve wanted to do glass blowing for years and this was a great experience. Enjoyed the people, activity and food.” – Glass Blowing Class Attendee

“I loved the intimacy of the event! Not too crowded, which is what you get from most typical Denver events. This was great!” – Glass Blowing Class Attendee

The next Small Great Event is Saturday, January 19 from 3 p.m. – 5 p.m. at MBodied Art Studio. We’ve partnered with Art Therapist, Michelle Baker for a two-hour Vision Board Creation where attendees will be led through a powerful experience of creating life by creating art. Michelle will provide an amazing spread of inspiring art materials to help you discover goals that have “spiritual backing” and reveal how the art process is a powerful tool in visioning and manifesting your New Year. 

Tickets are $45 and include all supplies needed to create your Vision Board as well as thoughtful instruction to bring out the goals that will drive your experiences in 2019. Attendees will also enjoy light snacks and beverages during the event. 

If you are interested in hosting a Small Great Event or have an idea for a unique experience that we can be turned into a Small Great Event please email

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