Experiential Marketing Done Right: The Macallan Manor

Last Thursday I was invited to The Macallan Manor, an immersive event series that was making a stop in Denver. At first glance I thought it was going to be any run of the mill whisky tasting but then I stepped into The University Club in Downtown Denver and all of my preconceived notions were shattered. 

The first stop on this sensory filled experience was inside an Oak Forest where Macallan guides shared stories about selecting the right wood and materials used to infuse flavor into the whisky through the production of the casks. The crunch of the dirt and wood chipped floor made you feel like you were walking in the actual forest the Macallan team explored. Throughout the forest were different taste and aroma stations including a wall of sniffing beakers where you could breathe in the various scents that bring Macallan to life. 

Next our group was taken into the heart of Speyside where a master distiller shared his knowledge on the distilling process for Macallan Sherry Oak, Double Cask and Triple Cask Scotch. The décor was outstanding but the special touches put the experience over the top. Each guest received real leather aprons to get into character during the tasting. Pieces of wood cask and scent beakers were also placed at each seat to again heighten our senses.

The journey continued as we entered the parlor where Macallan ambassadors shared tales of connection and gratitude while we all sipped on limited edition Macallan Triple Cask. The stories shared connected the Macallan brand with moments in the storyteller’s lives where they experienced true gratitude and elevated the brand from just a drink to an integral piece of each of their histories.

The final stop on this unforgettable tasting experience ended in a speakeasy filled with jazz music and custom cocktails shared with new found friends. As I left The University Club that evening I felt like I had formed a connection to Macallan Scotch. A connection that was more about the brand and the people than the drink itself. There is no doubt the next time I order a Scotch it will be Macallan. 

If you’d like to experience The Macallan Manor there are a few dates and cities left on the tour (listed below). I wouldn’t wait to sign up as I’m sure the buzz for this event has heightened with each passing city. 

Chicago – October 17 & 18

Washington D.C. – October 23 & 24

Atlanta – October 30 & 31

Los Angeles – November 6-8

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