Purpose Driven Event Experiences

When I started Smedley Events, I knew I had to discover the why. Why did the world need another event producer? Why would clients pick Smedley Events over the many other qualified agencies? Why was I sacrificing a stable and comfortable life to start a business from the ground up?

Then one Fall evening during my best friend’s wedding reception I discovered that why as I looked at a Sunset I had seen a million times before. This time that Sunset carried more weight and opened my eyes and heart to the why behind Smedley Events. That why being, Connection. How could I create events that fostered truly meaningful connection? After that evening I began putting together the pieces that would become the Sunset Dinner Experience and lay the foundation for future Purpose Driven Dinner Experiences. 

It all begins with a meal. Food brings people together. It provides purpose and sustenance to our everyday lives. Good, comforting, delicious food makes you feel safe and brings back memories of celebration and time shared with loved ones. It is important that each experience we create is centered around amazing food. During the Sunset Dinner Media Showcase last month, Chef Adam Vero and Chef Jeff Hickman set the standard for what to expect at our events. Their menu featured an Oak Grilled Octopus, a Berkshire Pork Short Rib with Kimchi Braised Soy Beans and an Aged New York Strip with a delectable Crab Hollandaise. It was capped off with a beautifully presented Milk Chocolate Lavender Tart from Chef Kelly McGeehan. We were so thankful to have these three talented chefs at our Media Showcase and look forward to working with them in the future. Our chef and menu for the public Sunset Dinner on July 27th will be announced soon. 

Next, we create an environment that welcomes guests and sets the tone for an evening of connection. Location is key and because this event was inspired by the Sunset at Sumac Hill Farm it was the perfect venue to launch the series at our Media Showcase event. Sumac Hill Farm is where my family lives. My grandfather bought the 12-acre property in 1947 after returning from World War II. He loved the outdoors and was an advocate of open space conservation. As the city grew around him he was adamant to preserve his oasis in the city. My dad, Tom Smedley, solidified that legacy in 2016 when he partnered with Arapahoe County, the City of Centennial and South Suburban Recreation District to create a conservation easement which protects the 12-acres from development and allows for it to continue in our family for generations to come while providing a beautiful scenic outlook for visitors of the High Line Canal and guests of our Sunset Dinners. Although, Sumac Hill Farm is the perfect location for this event we will be partnering with other venues and private residences to host Purpose Driven Event Experiences in the future. 

Finally, we infuse purpose into the event with a Jeffersonian style conversation. This style of event is named after President Thomas Jefferson who was known for engineering conversations at dinner that helped people discover their common humanity. The concept is simple. You gather groups of 8 to 14 guests together at a single table. There is a topic presented by a moderator or table host. During the evening your conversation is centered around that topic and all guests are invited to share stories, emotions and reflections. At the Media Showcase our topic was Gratitude. Over the course of the evening I heard laughter fill the air and witnessed complete strangers embracing each other and finding commonalities as they ended the evening as friends. For our next event on July 27th the topic will be centered around Legacy, allowing guests to discover what legacy truly means to them. 

After a successful Media Showcase it was evident to me that Purpose Driven Event Experiences have the power to not only create memorable events but foster true connection that opens people up to discovering their common humanity. The Sunset Dinner Experience is just one way that Smedley Events looks to create connection through truly meaningful events. My goal is to take the concept of Purpose Drive Event Experiences on the road to help corporations and non-profits advance their business and community initiatives by having meaningful conversations that drive change. 

To learn more about Smedley Events and to inquire about the Sunset Dinner Experience or other Purpose Drive Event Experiences please email lara@smedleyevents.com

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