Custom Centerpieces 101

Selecting the best décor for your event is important and has the power to transform the guest experience. Unfortunately, decor can become an after-thought when you’re bogged down with the laundry list of logistics that have to be executed to perfection at your events. To help your team create a memorable event for your attendees without creating unnecessary creative fatigue and stress we’ve outlined our expert tips on how to best customize your centerpiece decor.  

1.    Set the Tone – Understanding the tone you are trying to create at your event will make it much easier to select the right centerpieces to use. Is your event causal or formal? How do you want your guests to feel when they walk into the space? Brainstorm ideas by creating a list of words and emotions that you want guests to experience while attending your event. 

2.    Determine Goals– Get specific with your event goals and write them down. What are you trying to achieve with your event and how can the centerpieces help with that goal? Is your event interactive and do you want to encourage your guests to touch the décor? Are you releasing a new logo and you want to highlight colors or images in an interesting way?

3.    Collaborate with Partners– Work with the venue and other vendors to find the best way to display or enhance your centerpieces. Think about lighting, table size and placement as well as flow of the event when determining what décor will work best. 

4.    Bigger isn’t Always Better– Every element you add to your event will have an impact on your guest experience. The height, size and placement of centerpieces should be thoughtful and allow space for plates, drinks and other materials necessary for the event. 

5.    Color and Good Lighting are Your Best Friends– Selecting a color scheme and referencing basis Color Theory can keep your centerpieces on theme without being monotone. Good lighting can save your centerpieces from being lost in your venue and enhance simple design. 

6.    Always Come Prepared– Know exactly how many centerpieces you need for an event before you show up for set up. And always come with extra. Communicating with partners is important but being prepared for anything that comes your way will save you time, money and stress. 

Details matter when it comes to successful events. Custom centerpieces are one way you can enhance the guest experience and drive home your message in a cohesive and subtle way. Smedley Events is here to help create memorable moments for your guests while achieving your organizations strategic goals. Email to learn how we can be better together and elevate your next event. 

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